How to Use buy circular saw

What should I know about buying a circular saw?

Our Circular Saw Buying Guide will help you find the designs and features that'll make your projects a success. Circular saws make quick, straight cuts across a board (crosscuts) or along the board's length (rip cuts). You can also set a circular saw to make bevel cuts.

How do you cut with a circular saw?

Hold it down and then pull the trigger. Your unit’s blade should immediately come to life. With your unit fully engaged, you can begin to make your circular saw cut. To do this, keep the trigger pulled and begin to press the active blade against the edge of your workpiece.

Which is better a jigsaw or a circular saw?

Circular saws, depending on the size of the blade, can make deeper cuts than a jigsaw. A circular saw with a 7 and 1/4″ blade can cut wood up a maximum depth (at 90 degrees) of 2.4375″. This means you can use a circular saw to cut a 2×4 board (which is actually 1.5″ thick).

What should I wear to work with a circular saw?

If you have sensitive airways, strap on a dust mask or respirator to avoid inhaling sawdust. Along with your safety equipment, it’s a good idea to wear snug-fitting clothing and tie back long hair to prevent them from getting caught in the moving saw blade. Measure and mark your work material where you’ll be making your cuts.


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