How to Use cast iron table saw

Where can I buy a cast iron table saw?

Powr-Kraft (Montgomery Wards) table saw model THS-2730. Vintage cast iron, solid and works very well. Wings can be removed with 1/2" wrench. Blade and miter/crosscut attachment included. Barrhaven near Stonecrest Park. Great used condition cast iron top 10 inch, 110 volt 18 Amp motor. Wheels with stops, rip fence

What kind of table top do contractor saws use?

Although most contractor saws have a solid cast iron table top, the extension wings may be made of "open webbed" cast iron or stamped metal. The trunnions, gearing and arbor assembly of a contractor saw are less husky than those found on more expensive saws.

How to make your own table saw guide rail?

The first step in making your own table saw guide rail is to measure the table and extension table. Angle iron is almost always shorter than tubing in guide rail design builds. The angle iron is generally cut to the exact length of the cast iron saw plus the extension table.

Can a Sawzall be used to cut cast iron?

Pay close attention when you shop because these blades are available with different numbers of teeth per inch (TPI). The 8 TPI blade is designed to cut thick metal like cast iron. The 20 TPI blade is designed to cut thin metal and is not suitable for cutting cast iron. Can you cut cast iron pipe with a Sawzall? Yes.


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