How to Use chop saw stand

Can a table saw be used as a chop saw?

So, if you need to make precision cuts on wood, then a chop saw is not your best option. For woodworking, I strongly recommend you to use a table saw or a miter saw. Those you familiar with miter saws know that their main purpose is to make angled cuts along materials, specifically wood.

What do you need to know about chop saw safety?

​Because the blade is exposed in a chop saw, you need to take extra precautions to remain safe and free of injury when using it. Always wear safety glasses and dust masks in case of kickbacks and splinters. This will also protect your eyes and your lungs from the sawdust that is created as you cut.

Can a steel chop saw be set on a bench?

Don't worry if the packers to the right are a bit low. This will allow the cut to open slightly as you cut. Never set your packers high or even level and don't set up on a bench for that matter. As you cut, the steel will sag in the middle, and cause the chop saw to bind and then jam. Keep the blades clean.

Can a chop saw make multiple precise cuts?

Multiple Precise Cuts: Keep in mind that because a chop saw only cuts right angles, you can create a series of precision cuts very quickly. Your chop saw is always ready to make the cut and with some small adjustments, you can work very quickly through a project that only requires right angle cuts.


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