How to Use circular saw blades for metal

Can you use a standard circular saw blade?

It is possible to use a standard framing type of blade to cut these types of materials but it would produce much more dust and last a fraction of the time that a blade specifically designed to cut that type of material would. Different Metal Cutting Blades:

What kind of material can a circular saw cut through?

With the right type of blade, a circular saw can cut through most materials. Those include plastic, fibre glass, wood, metal and masonry. In reality, a circular saw is primarily used to rip through wood. By changing the blade, it can also get through plastic. It can also cut metal, but that is not normally what a circular saw is used for.

Why are lasers used in circular saw blades?

Laser cut anti-vibration vents keeps the blade cool for smooth and accurate cuts 2. Anti-kickback tooth shoulder reduces dust and sparks for safer cuts 3. Metal cutting grade carbide teeth withstand impact, reduces wear and delivers long life 4. Laser cut blade body, stronger tooth bond and greater accuracy Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades

How to make a circular saw at home?

1. Select the correct blade for the type of cut being made and the type of material being cut. 2. Adjust the saw base so the blade extends through the material being cut by no more than 1/4" 3. Mark material so that a good visible line is present to help guide the cut. 4. Align the saw blade on the waste side of the cut line.


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