How to Use circular saw cutting table

What kind of cuts can a circular saw make?

Release the trigger to stop the blade when the cut is complete, then lift the saw and place it on the workbench. There are two types of straight cuts a circular saw can make on a piece of lumber. A crosscut is a cut against the grain of the wood, such as when trimming a length of board to size.

How does a table saw work with a circular blade?

A table saw has a circular blade that extends from underneath the surface of a tabletop. The tabletop of a table saw acts as the support platform to rest the material to be cut on. The blade of your table saw lifts out above the tabletop, allowing you to move material through the blade as you cut it.

Can you cut plywood with a circular saw?

Cutting plywood with your circular saw is simple and it can actually be safer than using a table saw, but to get accurate cuts, you will need to buy a cutting guide for your saw.

How do you cut a board with a table saw?

Guide the saw along the line, sliding your forefinger along the edge of the board as you cut. Even if your woodworking is limited to an occasional weekend project, you’ll eventually need to cut a narrow piece from a long board or sheet of plywood. Sawing long boards is easy if you own a table saw.


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