How to Use circular saw table

Can a circular saw be used as a table saw?

And, they are very simple to use. Because circular saws are hand saws, you use your hand to guide the saw through the cut. This means you don’t need to spend any time setting up the saw blade heights and table fences, like you do with a table saw.

Why do you need a table saw course?

The Table Saw course is designed to give an understanding to delegates who are required to use table saw for the preparation of timber to various lengths. The Table Saw course content is as follows: Management of Health and Safety at Work 1999 (as amended) Provision and use of work equipment regulations

What can you cut with a table saw?

You can simply guide the material through the blade to cut it to the straight length or width that you need, and is also very precise. Table saws can cut ​pieces of plywood as well as both soft wood and hardwoods. You will also see table saws used to cut sheets of plastic, aluminum, and brass. What is a Circular Saw?

What are the safety rules for a circular saw?

Here are the general safety rules when using a circular saw: Always remove the blade before making adjustments to the saw. Wear eye protection and hearing protection. NEVER cut a board or any other material down the middle when it’s resting on two supports. Always wear form-fitting clothes when using power tools; nothing dangly.


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