How to Use cmxetax69434502

What does cmtrace show on a CCM log?

In CCM-format logs, log entries have an explicit type value that indicates the entry as an error. For other log formats, CMTrace does a case-insensitive search in each entry for any text string matching "error". It displays lines with warnings using a yellow background.

How does cmtrace connect to a computer without browsing?

To connect directly to a known computer without browsing, use the Open action. Then enter a server name and share using the UNC format. Display the standard Windows Print dialog box. This action sends the current log file to a printer. It formats the output according to the settings on the Printing tab of CMTrace Preferences.

How to search for a course in cm-connect?

Click on "Course Search" below. Select the semester or session you want from the first dropdown menu (Term). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Search". Please be advised...

How to get a FERPA release form from CMCC?

FERPA Release Form This form grants CMCC permission to discuss details of a students educational records with a third-party, such as a parent, spouse, or sponsor. Form must be completed, signed, and submitted by the student (in person) to the Registrar's Office. Replacement Diploma Order Form


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