How to Use compact circular saw

How big does a compact circular saw need to be?

A compact circular saw can also make bevel cut or angle cuts to the edge of the wood. The feature makes it more versatile. Asides the bevel cut, the size of the circular saw blade is essential. The ideal diameter of a compact saw should be 4 inches or a bit less.

What can you cut with a circular saw?

The bevel adjustment lets the foot plate tilt in relation to the blade for making bevel cuts. It also has a depth adjustment to allow for workpieces of different thicknesses. With the appropriate blade, circular saws can cut wood, steel, masonry and ceramic tile.

What makes a certa compact circular saw work slower?

Damaged parts, sticky residue or the accumulation of the sawdust can make the blade guard work slower. Apply pressure to the saw’s base plate so it does not move to the side during perpendicular plunge cuts. Side movements can cause the blade to jam and cause recoil.

Why do you need laser guide on circular saw?

The shaft lock immobilizes the shaft and blade, making it much easier to change the blade. Bevel capacity indicates the maximum bevel cut the saw can make. Bevel stops are presets that allow quick adjustments for bevel cuts. Laser guides help improve cutting accuracy by projecting a beam of light onto the work piece.


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