How to Use compound miter box

What do you need to know about a miter box?

A miter box consists of two components—a hand saw whose teeth are set for crosscutting (cutting against the grain of the wood) and a “box” that is pre-fashioned with slots on both sides to help the woodworker make accurate angled cuts (typically 90° and 45°).

What can you do with a compound miter saw?

Manipulating the saw on both of its axes at once yields a compound miter cut. Compound miter saws are useful for picture frames, crown moulding or any project that requires angled cuts in two planes. They offer the advantage of making compound cuts in one pass.

How to calculate the angle of a compound miter?

Compound Miter Template Generator - Calculator Print Template - Fold over piece to align saw, mark or cut through template. ? ? Side Angle 90° is straight up (vertical sides). See 3D Model below. Print template at 100% printer scale and fold over wood to see cut lines and angles.

How to cut compound angled butt and miter joints?

In this short video, Fine Woodworking senior editor Matt Kenney demonstrates how to make the set-up block and put it to use, as he cuts compound angled butt and miter joints. See more on Compound Angles in


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