How to Use compound saw

What makes a compound miter saw a compound saw?

Compound Miter Saw is the saws that can be adjusted and produce a Compound cut which can be done from different angles. What makes the compound miter saw is the ability to adjust the required angle and to create transverse miter cuts.

What's the best way to use a compound saw?

Move the blade adjuster and hold it in position until the locking handle is tightened. You should add small pieces with a sacrificial board to stop the cutoff from being thrown away by the blade. Make sure to hold down the saw until it stops rotating completely at the end of the cut.

Can a compound miter saw be used for bevel cuts?

Basic compound miter saws have blade and motor assemblies that pivot at the back, like standard miter saws, but in addition to rotating for miter cuts, they can also tilt to the side for bevel cuts. They can make miter cuts, bevel cuts or any combination of miter and bevel—that is, compound cuts. Compound miter saw.

How do you cut a substance with a saw?

Step 1: Set the saw in the desired angle that you want your substance to be cut. Here is how you will do it: Press the miter latch to allow your saw to move into the desired angle. Place the angle pointer into the angle which you want to cut your substance. Refer to the miter scale.


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