how to use cord hook on chain saw

What kind of extension cord do you need for a chainsaw?

Learn about the products you’re wondering if you should buy and get advice on using your latest purchases. A 100-foot or longer extension cord is the best size to use with a corded chainsaw. It lets you reach the edge of your yard without having to string together three or four shorter cords.

What's the easiest way to work with a chainsaw?

Most chainsaws come dismantled, which gives users the opportunity to get hands-on with the tool. You can begin by fitting the chain and the bar. It's pretty easy as you just need to remove the cover, wrap the chain around the bar, and reattach the cover while tightening the chain to the appropriate tension.

How to cut a log with a chainsaw?

Here’s how to accomplish that task: 1 Start cutting from the top of the log, applying light pressure to the chainsaw. 2 The chainsaw should do the work, and the teeth should pull the chain bar into the wood. 3 Don’t let the guide bar nose or chain touch the ground or other objects. This could cause a kickback or dull the chain.

What are the advantages of using a corded chainsaw?

But the biggest advantage of this corded chainsaw is its weight. Weighing only 7.1 lbs, it is less than half the weight of many other chainsaws. This makes it easier to lift when pruning high branches from trees or when you have many trees to fell.


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