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Is there a free study guide for pl-900?

In this PL-900 Study Guide, I will share both free and paid options, whether books, video training or simply links to articles and blog posts. I will not share any dumps as those are against the Microsoft Terms of Service, and by using dumps, we decrease the value of our certifications.

What do you need to know about the cpm-700?

A basic CPM700 sweep kit with its custom Cordura case contains all of the items necessary to conduct a low threat sweep. The CPM-700 provides a very important cost effective tool for professional sweep teams, government security personnel, and private citizens with important security needs.

How long is the Microsoft pl-900 certification exam?

Microsoft PL-900 Exam. Certification Provider: Microsoft. Exam: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (beta) Duration: 2 Hours. Number of questions in the database: 101. Exam Version: Sept. 15, 2020. Exam Topics: Topic 1: Single Topic.

Do you have to take pl-900 to get power platform certification?

The PL-900 exam is the only exam needed to get the Microsoft Certified Power Platform Fundamentals Certification, and an optional exam in the Microsoft Certified Dynamics Associate and Expert paths.


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