How to Use craftsman 113

Is the Craftsman 113 table saw still available?

Jokes aside the craftsman 113 table is an awesome vintage tool that should you have a chance to pick one up for a reasonable price, you ought to! While you won’t be finding these saws brand new in stores any longer, they are still sought after and prices often reflect this.

Are there any cost manuals for Craftsman products?

Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our staff to publish it. Craftsman Cost Manuals have been my go to source for accurate replacement costs for decades. Their costs are accurate and their manuals and software are easy to use. Much better than other most expensive services!

When did the Craftsman line of tools start?

Origins of The Modern Style. By the early 1940s the Craftsman brand was about 15 years old and had become highly successful. The Craftsman line included a full range of mechanics' hand tools by this time, from sockets and drive tools to wrenches and pliers, as well as a broad range of woodworking tools and power tools.

Where can I order service parts for my Craftsman tool?

Where can I order service parts? Where can I locate a manual or parts for my tool? How should I handle missing parts on my new unit? Where can I purchase Craftsman products? How do I handle or claim a warranty on my tool?


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