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Where can I order service parts for my Craftsman tool?

Where can I order service parts? Where can I locate a manual or parts for my tool? How should I handle missing parts on my new unit? Where can I purchase Craftsman products? How do I handle or claim a warranty on my tool?

What's the warranty for my Craftsman mechanics tools?

What's the warranty for my CRAFTSMAN mechanics tools and how can I use it? How can I exchange my tools within the life time warranty? Where can I locate a part for my wrench?

What kind of power tools do craftsman make?

Our full line of V20* cordless products include brushed and brushless power tools, outdoor power equipment, lights, radios, vacuums, and more. The growing family of V20* Brushless power tools and lawn care equipment is designed to help you do more. Which gives you more time to take pride in every accomplishment.

What kind of courses can I take to become a craftsman?

For instance, courses in woodworking technology, blueprint reading, production management and furniture manufacturing can help a craftsman gain skill and insight into the trade or eventually assist them in advancing into supervisory and managerial roles.


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