how to use craftsman electronic radial arm saw

What do you need to know about Craftsman radial arm saw?

Craftsman radial arm saws use powerful drive motors and top-quality blades to give you the cutting performance that you expect. Craftsman radial arm saws are loaded with safety features to help you avoid painful accidents. When your Craftsman radial arm saw isn't working, visit Sears PartsDirect for the repair parts you need to fix the problem.

How to alignment a radial arm saw table?

It is very important that the arm is exactly 90 degrees to the fence at the back of the saw table. Note the square. Pull the motor along its travel and see if the blade teeth follow the edge of the square exactly.

What kind of current does a radial arm saw draw?

My saw draws 10 amperes of current at 115 volts, or 5 amperes at 230 volts. The switch I got at Radio Shack is rated at 10 amperes for 115 volts, or 6 amperes at 230 volts. The Radio Shack switch is a good match. In order to find a place where I could mount the new switch, I had to turn the casting that holds the switch end for end.

Who was the inventor of the radial arm saw?

The history In 1922, Raymond Dewalt of Leola, Pennsylvania, founder of the now widely popular Dewalt tools invented the radial arm saw, which he called the Wonder Worker. His invention, the wonder worker was a circular saw blade driven directly by an electric motor held in a yoke.


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