How to Use craftsman folding miter saw

What can you do with a craftsman miter saw?

This craftsman miter saw is built for the basics – framing, deck building, trim molding, renovations, and DIY projects. Because it has the ability to make miter cuts, you can use it for making door casings and picture frames etc. But with the ability to also make bevel and compound cuts, you can also use it for crown molding and baseboard work.

How big is a folding compound miter saw?

We couldn't find any local sellers for this product. 10-in. Folding Compound Miter Saw provides accurate cutting for framing and molding projects. It's compact and weighs less than 28 lbs., yet produces full-size cuts. The 15 Amp 4,500 RPM motor provides the power to cut up to 2 x 6-in. and 4 x 4-in. boards.

How many bevels are in Craftsman compound miter saw?

The Craftsman 8-1/4-inch compound miter saw features 17 positive miter stops and two bevels. You have everything that you need to handle the most commonly used cutting angles. The Laser Trac system guarantees precise bevel, miter, crosscuts, and compound miter cuts.

How to use a miter saw to cut dimensional lumber?

dimensional lumber 1 A miter is an angled cut made across the face, or width, of a board. 2 A bevel is an angled cut made through the thickness of a board. 3 Any miter saw can cut a miter and a bevel, depending on how the board is placed onto the saw.


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