How to Use craftsman pole saw chain

How tall does a craftsman pole saw get?

The CRAFTSMAN® P210 10-in gas pole saw is an easy-to-use pole saw designed to cut limbs and branches without a ladder. It has a 25cc 2-cycle engine with Easy Start technology for simpler pull starts. A 10-in bar and chain are mounted on a 7-foot extension pole, allowing the user to reach up to 12-ft (based on user height).

What to know before using a chainsaw for the first time?

Make sure your chainsaw chain has been recently sharpened prior to use. Ensure your saw has the proper tension on the chain around the bar. You should always retention a new chainsaw chain after operating it for the first couple of hours.

Can a chainsaw be used as a pole saw?

You can use just the chainsaw and the handle attachment to get a small pole saw. Or you could extend it to full-length using the extension pole attachment. The multiple parts make it easy to store this tool when not in use. You do need to maintain it a bit more than an electric one.

Do you need an oiler on a craftsman pole saw?

Yes, the Craftsman does have an automatic oiler. This helps keep the bar and chain lubricated as it’s being used. A well-lubricated bar and chain help improve performance, reduce debris from sticking, and improves the durability of the pole saw.


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