how to use crystal saw for fairy ring

When to use Crystal saw for fairy ring?

The crystal saw boost cannot be used for constructing this feature, since no saw is required to do so. However, visible Construction boosts can be used. This allows the player to build it at level 82 with the tea from teak shelves 2, or at level 80 by utilizing the potential +5 boost from a spicy stew .

What do you need to put a fairy ring on?

To put a Fairy Ring, you’ll need to fully complete Fairy Tale part 2. You need to complete the Eyes of Glouphrie quest to get the Crystal Saw which is an invisible +3 Construction boost which you’ll be using to stack with the other boosts.

Do you need Crystal saw to make Spirit Tree?

A crystal saw cannot be used. You will also need level 83 farming. Getting 95 construction to make the tree is somewhat superfluous, since the player can make 2 superior gardens and plant the tree and fairy ring separately at level 75 and 85 respectively - which is vastly cheaper to achieve.

What can you do with Crystal saw in RuneScape?

When in the inventory, the saw allows the player to build furniture up to 3 levels higher than their current Construction level. Note this boost only works on furniture that requires both a saw and a hammer to make; as such, the saw cannot assist in building new rooms or planting flowers in the garden.


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