how to use crystal saw osrs

What can you do with a crystal saw in RuneScape?

Used as a tool in the Construction skill; increases your Construction by 3 levels. The level boost stacks with the boost given by the tea made in your house or Evil Dave's spicy stews. The effect of this saw does not work on gardens, only objects and areas that need a saw to be build.

Where do you get a saw in RuneScape?

A saw can be obtained from a crate during sawmill training and from a tool store 1 in a player-owned house workshop . The crystal saw, obtained as a reward from The Eyes of Glouphrie, functions in a near identical way but also provides an invisible +3 boost to building items in Construction as long as a saw is required.

How does Crystal saw boost your construction level?

In addition to the crystal saw, this gives a boost to your construction level. With a white cup of tea and the saw, you will get a +6 boost to build higher tier items. These teas are created from scratch within your POH kitchen using your butler.

How does the crystal bow work in RuneScape?

The crystal bow is a degradable bow made from enchanted elven crystal. It requires the completion of Roving Elves to wield, as well as 50 Agility and 70 Ranged. Along with the crystal shield, crystal halberd and the crystal saw, it is one of the four pieces of crystal equipment in RuneScape .


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