How to Use dado table saw

Do you need a dado blade for a table saw?

However, because dados are such a basic woodworking joint, it makes sense to invest in a special dado blade for your table saw, particularly if you have more than a few dados to cut. Dado blades come in two basic forms, either a wobbler or a stacked dado set. Just as the name suggests, this dado blade wobbles.

Can a miter saw be used to make dadoes?

No need to put a dado head on your table saw, or set up a router bit in a hand-held router or on a router table. If your miter saw has the right flip down stop, you can use it to make dadoes. If your miter saw has a flip down stop, you can use it to limit how far the blade will penetrate into your material.

Can a stacked dado blade be used on a short Arbor?

Many small- to medium-size table saws have relatively short arbors that do not safely accommodate a full stacked dado blade set. This isn't a problem when using a single saw blade, but when trying to use a 3/4-inch stacked dado blade, there isn't enough thread to allow the nut to be safely threaded onto the arbor.

When to use dados and grooves on table saw?

Cabinetmakers often use dados and grooves when constructing projects out of sheet goods given the ease and speed with which they can be cut on the table saw. One of the drawbacks however, is that a ¾" sheet of plywood is rarely ¾" thick.


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