How to Use dcs571p1

What kind of blade does a dcs571 have?

This Brushless 4-1/2 in. Cordless circular saw (tool only) comes with one blade, rip fence, and dust port adaptor. The DCS571 features a bevel gear design allowing users to cut 2x material at 90 degrees and 1x material at 45 degrees. With convenient on-board blade key storage users can change blades with minimal hassle.

What kind of motor does DeWalt dcs570p1 have?

The DEWALT DCS570P1 7-1/4" (184mm) 20V cordless Circular saw with brake kit features a Brushless motor that provides 5200 RPM and maintains speed under load. It uses a 7-1/4" blade, that provides 2-9/16" depth of cut, with a bevel capacity of 57 degrees.

What are the modules in the dcpas course?

The course is comprised of 10 modules: Introduction, New Appointments, MPR/HPR, Reinstatement/Employment, Grade Retention, Pay Retention, Promotions, WIGl's, Change to Lower Grade, and Reassignments. The course length is 2 days.

How to register for a DCSA training course?

This is just a suggestion as some agency networks allow use of Webex and some do not. There are no prerequisites for this course. To sign up for this training, please fill out this registration form (PDF file) [70.49 KB] and email it to [email protected] Do not forget to indicate which training dates you prefer on your registration form.


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