How to Use dcs577

Is the DeWalt dcs577x1 60V worm drive?

The DEWALT DCS577X1 60V MAX 7-1/4 in. Cordless Worm Drive Style Saw with 3.0 Ah battery offers big runtime. The blade is oriented to the left of the motor and the handle is at the rear to optimize line of sight when cutting. An electronic brake helps stop the blade after the trigger is released.

What's the difference between a DCS and dcs575 saw?

They are both very well made, they are ergonomic and are comfortable to use. The most noticeable difference is the color of the shoe and saw blade protector. DCS570 has aluminum shoe without any cover while on DCS575 these parts are covered with a dark-grey matte cover.

What kind of wood can a dcs577 be used for?

DCS577 is ideal for use in a variety of wood cutting applications such as oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, hardwoods, dimensional lumber, and flooring, many of the professional contractors using this tool include framers, concrete formers, carpenters, and general contractors You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents.

What do you need to know about DCS training?

The training provides detailed study along with practical applications on DCS architecture and applications. Further included is the comprehensive working knowledge of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) commonly known as AC drives along with control panel system designing.


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