How to Use dewalt 120v miter saw

How to use a DeWalt miter saw correctly?

Squeeze the trigger to initiate the saw and wait patiently for it to attain peak rotation speed. Then pull down the blade and into the wood. While the blade is still rotating, then push the saw back and away from you since your blade cuts through the remainder of the wood (see photo below.)

How big is a 120V compound miter saw?

12" (305mm) 120V MAX* Double Bevel Sliding... The FLEXVOLT 12 in. 120V MAX* Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw that delivers the Capacity, Accuracy, Power, Ease of Use, and Durability of a corded tool with the portability and convenience of a cordless tool. The kit includes the 120V AC adaptor.

What kind of motor does a double bevel compound miter saw use?

The FLEXVOLT 12 in. 120V MAX* Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw offers flexible power options - corded for unlimited runtime or cordless for portability powered by DEWALT brushless motor technology. The DHS790 delivers professional capacity in cross-cut, vertical and nested crown cutting applications.

What kind of batteries do you need for a miter saw?

Included in this kit are two FLEXVOLT 20V/60V MAX*lithium ion batteries, and dual port fast charger. Do you own this product? The 120V MAX* 12” Corded/Cordless Sliding Miter Saw delivers up to 289 cuts per charge in 3-1/4" base when used with 2 FLEXVOLT™ batteries.


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