How to Use dewalt 7480

Is the DeWalt dwe7480 a good table saw?

The DWE7480 (and any other table saw) can be greatly improved by adding a great blade. Definitely check out our guide to table saw blades, and consider picking one up that’s suitable for your needs. For the size and weight of this saw, it has a really great ripping capacity at 24-1/2 inches.

Is the DeWalt tool connect still on the table?

The original DeWalt Tool Connect batteries are still on the table along with the limits on their capability. However, new tools, connectors, and tags are joining the system to create this more comprehensive leap forward. We’ll take a look at each of the products in greater detail in the coming weeks, but until then, here’s the breakdown.

What kind of motor does a DeWalt table saw use?

This DWE7480 Dewalt table saw is equipped with a 15-amp motor which quickly rips through hardwoods with ease. Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate. The metal roll cage base offers greater durability than plastic bases. The 24T carbide blade enhances cut quality.

What's the difference between the dwe7480 and DWE 7485?

While the DWE7480 came with a 10-inch blade, the DWE7485 comes with a slightly smaller 8 1/4 inch blade and a moderately smaller table surface. One thing the new model has going for itself? A Blade speed of 5800rpm. Yep, smaller does mean faster.


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