How to Use dewalt deep cut band saw

What kind of material can a DeWalt band saw cut?

This 20V MAX* Brushless Band Saw has the power and runtime you expect from DEWALT. With a 20V MAX* Brushless motor and ability to use any DEWALT 20V MAX* or FLEXVOLT® batteries, it can cut up to 5 in. x 4-3/4 in. rectangular material and up to 4 in. round material. It also includes blade speed control, integrated hang hook, and a durable base.

When to use DeWalt 24 tpi bandsaw blade?

Using a Dewalt 24 TPI bandsaw blade (if it matters). It cuts through a lot more than pipe. You can cut thick hard metal with it. Very useful for someone who hates metalworking but needs to do it occasionally. Some situations where an abrasive cut off wheel is no longer necessary, the portable bandsaw takes a fraction of the time.

What kind of motor does a deep cut band saw have?

The DWM120 Deep Cut Band Saw has a powerful 10 Amp motor for operating various jobsite applications and cutting rectangular stock up to 5 inches deep. Variable speed dial allows user to vary speed for specific materials and various applications.

Which is DeWalt band saw blade tracking wrench?

DCS371 20V MAX band saw, 14/18 TPI blade, blade tracking wrench, battery and charger sold separately. DCS371B 20V MAX* Li-Ion Band Saw (Tool Only) has superior balance and ergonomics and can cut up to up to 2-inch SCH 40 pipe. DEWALT 20V band saw is designed with hook and band saw blade tracking adjustment to increase handle, base, and blade life.


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