How to Use dewalt dw713

Is the DeWalt dw715 a compound miter saw?

The DW715 is like the DW713’s big brother. In many regards it is a very similar compound miter saw. It is capable of the same 0-50° miter angle range and 0-48° bevel cuts. Both products perform a consistent number of positive stops ( read more here ). The major difference is the size.

What are the bevel angles on the DeWalt dw713?

With 0-50° left and right angles for miter cuts, and 0-45° left, 0-3° tilts for bevel cuts, any job becomes a matter of simple adjustments. With 11 positive stops for miter angles and 0° and 45° common bevel angles, the DW713 feels intuitive to your needs.

Is the DeWalt dw713 a good cutting blade?

The DW713 is strong and accurate and comes with a quality blade, but this may not be enough for some more seasoned woodworkers. An easy change mechanism will allow you to fit higher tooth blades for cutting different material.

What do you need in a DeWalt miter blade?

Out of the Dewalt box, this tool comes with a carbide crosscutting blade, blade wrench, and a standard dust bag. Dewalt Dw713 Review – What’s to Like about it? Do you have a project lined up where you’ll need to make bevel and miter cuts? Are you doing a trim job, or maybe adding some crown molding to your home?


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