How to Use dewalt dw788 scroll saw

What kind of scroll saw is DeWalt dw788?

DeWalt® Model DW788 20" Heavy Duty Variable Speed Scroll Saw a professional scroll-saw that has a user-friendly configuration with easily accessible controls, reduced vibration design, and variable-speed performance.

Do you need a table for a DeWalt scroll saw?

No scroll saw is complete without a table, and the cast iron table on the DW788 will assist you with projects of most sizes. With 20” of space to work within, it’s one of the more accommodating models of scroll saws available. The cast iron table is completely adjustable, also.

Where is the variable speed trigger on a DeWalt scroll saw?

DeWalt have a very helpful knack of adding variable speed triggers to a majority of their power tools, and this scroll saw is no different. The variable speed trigger is located on the front of the upper arm, and can reach a complete speed of 400-1750 SPM, which gives you optimal control over your cuts.

What kind of lubricant to use on DeWalt scroll saw?

Lubricate the plunger with non-petroleum based waterproof lubricant. Petroleum will eat away and destroy the rubber parts. Do NOT use Vaseline! Lubricate the Table Mounting Pin with the same lubricant. Use a Torx 25 bit to remove the Lower Blade Guard screws and the Lower Blade Guard.


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