How to Use dewalt metal cutting circular saw

What kind of material can a DeWalt circular saw cut?

This handheld circular saw features a bevel gear design allowing users to cut 2X material at 90° and 1X material at 45°. With convenient on-board blade key storage, users can change blades with minimal hassle. Elongated handle optimizes reach for rip cutting OSB and plywood.

Can a circular saw be used to cut metal?

As these are easier to cut through, you’re generally okay to use a cordless circular saw to work with them, but it’s not advisable for other types. If you’re hoping to cut through ferrous metals like iron and steel, you’re going to need something far more powerful than a cordless power tool with a metal saw blade.

What's the maximum cut depth for a circular saw?

Tool uses a 4 1/2 in. circular saw blade and features a maximum cut depth of 1 9/16 in. at a 90 degree bevel. 3-Year Limited Warranty, 1-Year Free Service and 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What kind of battery does DeWalt brushless circular saw use?

Get up to 8x the runtime when using DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries with 20 VOLT MAX tools. The DEWALT DCS571 Brushless 4-1/2 in. Cordless Circular Saw comes with 1 blade, rip fence, dust port adaptor, and blade change key.


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