How to Use dewalt single bevel miter saw

How many cuts can a DeWalt double bevel compound miter saw make?

As mentioned, two of these batteries can be installed on the DHS790, to deliver 120V MAX of power and 2.0Ah of run time. According to DeWALT, you'll be able to make about 300 cuts in 3-1/4" baseboard on a full battery charge.

How do you make a bevel cut with a miter saw?

Pull trigger from the upper position and lower the handle to complete the cut. For a bevel cut using a compound miter saw: Place the marked board face-up, or flat, onto the saw base and its edge pushed against the fence. Adjust the bevel gauge at the rear of the saw and tilt the blade to the correct angle.

Can a miter saw be used at any angle?

This miter saw can cut a miter or any angle to cut a miter plank-like a broad 90 or 45-degree angle. It has a single bevel for a single direction and compound bevel direction. For its sliding bevel, it could go up to dual management from its actual width. So let’s start learning how to use it.

What to wear with a DeWalt miter saw?

Wear protective eye wear in case you’re cutting wood to avoid blowing sawdust to your eyes. If you’re cutting alloy, wear a welding mask, rubber apron, and rubber gloves to protect yourself. Wear protective headphones to prevent hearing loss as you’re operating the saw. First of all, you need to plug in the DeWalt miter saw. And unlock it.


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