How to Use dewalt table saw dust collection

Where is the dust port on a DeWalt table saw?

There is a secondary dust port 1 1/4 inch dust port on top of the blade guard for even cleaner dust extraction. As I’ve mainly used this saw on job-sites I have little experience regarding the dust collection. Dust collection works well once you find the right fittings to attach it to a 2 1/2 inch hose.

How to make a table saw dust collector?

I cut this out on the miter saw and then attached some scrap 3/4" wood to the main piece so the sides could attach. Trace your vacuum or dust collector port attachment on the wood and cut it out with a hole saw or forstner bit or jigsaw.

How does DeWalt perform as a dust collector?

Our DEWALT dust solutions reduce silica dust exposure while delivering the performance you expect from the PERFORM & PROTECT™ line. Dual filters pulse automatically, and regularly, to prevent filter binding and maintain efficiency. AIRLOCK™ is a universal system that connects tools to dust extraction shrouds to minimize cleanup on the jobsite.

Is it necessary to have a sawdust collector?

A sawdust collector will create a better, cleaner working experience. While it is important to collect dust, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune and install hoses as well as other equipment in your work area. Building a dust collection system for your tools by yourself will help you stay clean as well.


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