How to Use dewalt worm drive saw

How does a DeWalt worm drive circular saw work?

A top-accessible spindle lock makes blade changes quickly, minimizing downtime. The DEWALT Worm Drive Circular Saw features an aggressive 15 Amp motor that can power through most materials even tackling the most advanced roofing applications and compound angles with ease.

What kind of battery does DeWalt worm drive use?

The DeWalt FlexVolt Worm Drive Style circular saw, the DCS577, uses FlexVolt battery technology. It’s a battery that can detect when to run at 20V max and when to run at 60V max depending on the tool you attach it to.

Which is better a worm drive saw or a circular saw?

Worm drive circular saws are more expensive than any other circular saw. For this reason, they are more likely to be purchased by professionals or experienced woodworkers. A worm drive saw is a reliable type of a circular saw which can enhance your cutting experiences.

Where is the motor on a worm drive saw?

A worm drive saw is a powerful type of circular saw which consists of a motor located at behind the blade. The motor transfers the power to the blade by the means of gears set at certain angle.


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