How to Use diy circular saw

How do you make a guide for a circular saw?

Just place a pencil mark at your cut line, clamp the saw guide with the edge set at the mark, then make the cut while letting the shoe of your circular saw glide along the fence.

Can a circular saw be used as a track saw?

Track saws are simple, just direct drive saws attached to a track, allowing you to cut long sheets of wood in a straight line. If you try to freehand guide a circular saw along the same path, the result will usually come out uneven and useless, so save some money and build your own track saw using your circular saw and a sheet of wood.

Can a circular saw be used to make accurate crosscuts?

If you own a circular saw, you can make accurate, safe cuts on boards and plywood with this inexpensive saw guide that anyone can make. It effectively replaces the need for expensive power tools such as a table saw or radial-arm saw for most DIY needs.

How to cut plywood with a circular saw?

Cut the plywood sheet into roughly one foot wide strips. There's no need to be exact. Just make sure that one piece is a few inches wider than your circular saw, including the motor. With the saw unplugged, lift the blade guide up so that the blade is exposed.


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