How to Use double bevel mitre saw

What does a double bevel miter saw do?

Dual-Bevel helps to put the bevel cuts on the material with both sides at the correct setting without flipping of miter saw. Like a compound miter saw only cuts at the right side with bevel support. But, a double bevel miter saw cuts at both left and right side with good adjustable position and also support to cut at the wider angles.

What are the bevels on a Hercules miter saw?

Making bevel cuts on this are fantastic. In fact, adjustability on this is incredible this. You can achieve 60 degrees miters at the right and 50 degrees at the left. You’ll get also other features in our Hercules 12 inch miter saw review. Check out for more below. There are abundant components that make up the miter saw.

Which is the best version of a miter saw?

A standard miter saw is the most straightforward version of miter saw – a blade on an arm, mounted to the base, and usually better of making between -45° and +45° degrees bevel cuts. The main functionality of a standard or basic miter saw is to make angled cuts.

Can a miter saw be used to cut baseboards?

While the type of saw you're using for the job will determine the overall success of the project, whether it's a single bevel vs a dual bevel miter saw, you will be able to make every cut necessary for effectively cutting baseboard with a miter saw.


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