How to Use double bevel

Which is better single bevel or double bevel?

It once again comes down to the type of work you intend doing. While the dual bevel is more convenient when doing that kind of work, it can still be done with a single bevel with a bit of effort. By the same token, if you are going to need to do multiple, dual bevel cuts, the extra expense will be more than worth it.

Why do you need a double bevel miter saw?

Double-bevel miter saws allow you to make the first cut, slide the molding down, tilt the blade to the opposite side, and make the next cut without flipping the piece. This feature is also handy for cutting odd angles on furniture legs, braces and other components. Calculating complex angles is another advantage of the double-bevel saw.

What's the best way to make a bevel?

First, using a protractor, lay out the angle along the edge of a worksheet as shown below. Then, position the body of the bevel along the edge of the work surface, and set its angle according to the layout line you just drew as shown left.

Can a speed bevel be used as a T-bevel?

The Swanson Speed Bevel offers a fully functional Speed Square that transforms instantly into a sliding T-bevel—simply unsnap the sides and adjust the tensioning knob to move the arms into place for a whole different tool. With the convenience of both a square and a t-bevel in one tool, the Speed Bevel is a timesaver on any jobsite or project.


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