How to Use drop saw

What can a drop saw be used for?

That being said, the most difficult aspect for beginners using a drop saw, also called a miter saw, is getting their angles right. Drop saws are used in finish carpentry to make cuts on wood trim, molding and frames. All require precise cuts to make sure the corresponding angles match up.

How many degrees can you cut with a drop saw?

On the plate, a half-circle grid displays hashmarks representing 0 to 90 degrees in both directions, making a total of 180 degrees. In practice, only cuts from about 15 to 90 degrees are made. Don't forget about the safety button. Drop saws are equipped with a safety button and a blade shield.

What's the safest way to start a drop saw?

When you start up the machine, listen for unusual noises or vibrations. 3. Keep fingers, hands and power cords clear of the cutting disc. 4. Before turning on the saw, perform a dry run of the cutting operation to ensure no problems will occur when the cut is made. 5. Avoid reaching over the saw line. Do not cross arms when cutting. 6.

How do you set up a drop saw table?

Allow the shelf to dry and when it is put the drop saw onto the shelf. Fix it in place by bolting the drop saw down onto the surface of the table. Use a drill and bolts to make this possible. You will now need to set up your saw so that it can cut smoothly through whatever material you are using.


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