How to Use dw703

Is there an extension kit for the dw703?

Extension Kit (for DW703, DW706, DW708, DW712... The DW7080 Extension Kit provides additional material support. For use on DW703, DW706, DW708, DW712, DW713, DW715, DW716, DW717, and DW718.

How to square up and align a DeWalt dw708 miter saw?

Watch as Mark walks you through the steps needed to square up and align a DeWalt DW708 miter saw. Helpful tools for this repair include a screwdriver, wrench and a square. Get replacement parts for your DeWalt DW708 Miter Saw here:

How to attach an extension to a dw718?

The DW7080 contains 2 short screws and 1 long screw; to attach the extension to the DW718 you would use the long screw, part number 330045-29, in the front hole and a short screw, part number 330045-23, in the back hole.

Can a DeWalt dw7084 be used as a crown stop?

The DW7084 crown stop can be used with the DWS780 with additional mounting hardware part number N114019. This hardware should now be included in all packaging with the DW7084 stops. Please see the attachment for directions.

Dewalt Miter Saw Guard Replacement

This item:DeWalt DW705 DW708 Miter (2 Pack) Replacement Roller Guard # 146744-00-2PK$13. For use on DW703, DW705S, DW706, DW715 and DW716. Using this miter saw …


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