How to Use dw715

Is the DeWalt dws715 a good power tool?

The DWS715 is the new version of the beloved but discontinued DeWalt DW715. Those familiar with DeWalt know they are a well-respected brand that makes quality power tools. if you do opt for one of their products – I can assure you you’ll get a reliable tool.

What's the difference between a dws715 and dw780?

The DWS715 is a 12-inch single bevel miter saw while the DWS780 is a 12-inch double bevel sliding miter saw. The former comes with a significant increase in cutting capacity due to the availability of sliding the blade forward and backwards.

Is there a rebate on a dw715 compound saw?

No Rebates. Change Location. The DW715 12-in single-bevel compound miter saw is powered by a 15-Amp motor to drive 4,000 rpm, delivering extended power and durability. Features stainless steel miter detent plate and cam miter lock that provide repeatable accuracy and durability with easy adjustments.

What's the blade speed of a dws715 miter saw?

The DWS715 is a 12” miter saw powered by a 15 amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 4000rpm. As a single compound miter saw, the blade is capable of beveling 0° – 48° to the left. It’s also advertised as being able to go 0° – 3° to the right but that means next to nothing. Cutting baseboards is a breeze with this saw.


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