How to Use dw723

Where can I find part number for dw7232?

See the attached Powerpoint slide or Word document for the listing of parts for the DW7232. As a note, you can also order the nylon collar, part number 5140006-36. You must order both the knob and the bolt as the thread pitch from the original parts will not work with these replacement parts.

Is the DeWalt dwx723 miter saw stand durable?

Even though DEWALT's DWX723 miter saw stand is durable and ready to step up and hold a huge amount, it's a snap to store thanks to the folding legs. The miter saw’s mounting brackets will work with any brand of miter saw.

Do you need foot pads for a DeWalt dwx723?

Yes, the foot pads for the newer DWX723 and DWX725 will work on the DW723 with a minor adjustment, however, all four pads need to be replaced together for proper balance. You will need 4 foot pads, part number N074647, and 4 screws, part number 330019-32.

Is there a FAC-C and Dawia Level III certification course?

Note: This is a FAC-C and DAWIA Level III certification elective course. Experienced contracting personnel understand the contracting process but may not be aware of the specifics of architect-engineering services contracting, including relevant laws and regulations. You…


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