How to Use dw744

What's the difference between a dwe7485 and a dw745?

The DWE7485 also runs at a much higher 5800 RPM compared to the DW745’s 3800 RPM, which should lead to smoother cuts. To confuse things even more, there are five different versions of the 7485. There is the standard wired DWE7485. DWE stands for DeWalt Wired (what the E stands for, I don’t know!).

What's the difference between DeWalt dw745 and dwe7491 table saw?

But I’ve done some research, and I’ll do my best to explain the differences, so you can hopefully make some sense and pick the DeWalt table saw that fits you best! To start with the basics, all of DeWalt’s table saws are one of three basic models, namely the smaller DW745, the bigger DWE7491 / 7492, and the newest DWE7485.

What does DWE stand for on a DeWalt table saw?

DWE stands for DeWalt Wired (what the E stands for, I don’t know!). Although the voltage and plug will be different, the rest of this saw is identical for North America and Europe (and the rest of the world). The DCS7485 is the cordless FlexVolt version of the 7485.

What to do if you have problems with Dwc online training?

If you are having trouble with an online course or training video, please try a different browser and if you are still having difficulties then contact the Technical Support Specialist at DWC Help Desk phone: (313) 451-3792. This course discusses abuse and neglect of children, dependent adults, and elder adults.

dewalt table saw stand assembly

The stand was approved by UL for use with the DW744 and DW745. $37.99. The stand will work with most, but not all, other portable table saws.


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