How to Use dwe357

Is the dwe357 compact reciprocating saw variable speed?

12.0 Amp COMPACT Reciprocating... The DWE357 Compact Reciprocating Saw has a powerful 12 Amp motor with a variable speed trigger to deliver up to 3,000 strokes per minute with a 1- 1/8 in. stroke length for fast and efficient cutting in heavy-duty applications.

Are there online Dewey training materials for DDC?

We have developed an online set of training materials for the DDC focused on the needs of experienced librarians who need Dewey application training. We hope the materials will also be useful as supplementary materials in other Dewey training contexts, such as teaching Dewey to students in Library and Information Science programs.

What does the variable speed trigger on DeWalt dwe305 do?

The DeWALT DWE305 comes equipped with a variable speed trigger that lets you adjust your saw’s cutting power according to the difficulty of the task at hand.

Is there a charge for a Dewey course?

All course materials are available at no charge. The presentations and exercises assume the availability of the latest version of the DDC database (WebDewey) and a professor, trainer and/or experienced Dewey user for offering explanations and fielding questions.


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