How to Use dwe7491x

What's the difference between the DeWalt dwe7491rs and the DWE 7491x?

The DeWalt DWE7491RS comes with a Rolling Stand whereas the DWE7491X comes with a Scissor Stand. The model number of the rolling stand included with the DWE7491RS is # DWE74911. The model number of the scissor stand included with the DWE7491X is # DWE74912. Commonly,the RS model is a bit more expensive than the X model.

Can you buy a dwe7491x with a scissor stand?

At this moment, April 2020, you can just buy DWE7491X with scissor stand or DWE7491RS with rolling stand. There is no 7491 model with no stand available for purchase. You cannot buy the DWE7491 saw only. Can I use the DWE7491X/DWE7491RS to cut metal, cement board, masonry,etc.?

What's the difference between the dwe7480 and DWE 7490x?

We recently also reviewed the DWE7480 and DWE7490X which were released with this saw. The DWE7491RS is very similar to the DWE7490X except that it has a larger rip capacity and a much nicer stand. Patented material support, can be used for narrow rip cuts.

Is the dcs7485t1 the same as the dwe7491?

The DCS7485T1 (US) and DCS7485T2 (EU) do include two batteries and a charger, but these are not interchangeable, as the US version runs on 60 volts and the European version only on 54 volts. The DWE7491 and DWE7492 are nearly identical, with the 7492 being the version sold in Europe, and the 7491 being sold in North America.


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