How to Use dws779

Is the DeWalt dws779 a good miter saw?

Fortunately, the Dewalt DWS779 cuts as well as your skill level. If you know what you need to cut, this miter saw can do that effortlessly and efficiently. If it wasn’t obvious enough, the Dewalt DWS779 is a practical recommendation for any serious workshop.

How does the fence system work on the dws779?

The DWS779’s fencing system also plays a vital part in improving the accuracy of each cut. The fence itself is adjustable, allowing you to extend it to provide support for longer pieces of timber, while it’s high enough (and the blade provides enough clearance), to enable you to support 6-3/4 in wide timber in a vertical orientation while cutting.

Which is better the dws779 or the dw780?

DWS779 or DWS780? This 15 amp motor product has an excellent guiding system in its XPS crosscut light technology. Apart from this XPS cross cut positioning system, it weighs nearly 20 pounds less than its counterpart. In terms of pricing, the DWS779 with its 15 amp motor trumps its counterpart.

What kind of motor does a dws779 have?

Their DWS779 doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to its power. It comes with a 15 AMP motor that produces excellent power and drives the miter saw at maximum speed. The motor leads the blade to spin up to 3800 RPM or revolutions per minute that can slice through any kind of wood, plastic, metal, and even aluminum.


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