How to Use electric jigsaw

Do You need A Guide to use a jigsaw?

For a straight cut, you will need a guide for your saw to follow. This is because the jigsaw blade can easily go off path due to its small size unless it’s guided. You can use a straight piece of wood clamped at both ends as a guide. There’s a limit to the thickness of a material a jigsaw can cut.

Why are jigsaws the least intimidating power tools?

LOL And because of easy adjustments, you can make angled cuts, too, just like bigger, more intimidating power tools. Jigsaws are one of the least intimidating power tools. Especially if you’re new, don’t try to jump right into tools that scare you the most. Jigsaws are the least intimidating! Detailed cuts!

What can you cut with a jigsaw blade?

Simply insert the blade and press the Start button, and you’re ready to start cutting intricate shapes in wood. Second, a jigsaw is capable of cutting almost anything! With the right curve cutting jigsaw blades, you can cut woods of different thickness, metal, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, etc.

Which is the best cordless Jigsaw in the UK?

The Makita DJV182Z is the UK’s best cordless jigsaw. Powerful and durable with an excellent specification, this model is truly outstanding. The variable speed control, soft start, orbital cut and a tool-less blade change is a given. As is the excellent dust extraction, blower function and twin lights to make each and every job easier & quicker.


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