How to Use electric tree limb cutter

What's the best way to cut a limb from a tree?

Whether you are trimming and pruning your tree or removing a rotten limb, cutting a limb from a tree is easy to do if you follow the proper 3-cut technique. Make 1 partial cut on the limb close to the tree trunk, then make a second cut a little further down on the limb to remove most of the branch.

What kind of tool do you need to cut down a tree?

When you need to cut down branches on your trees, the tree loppers will be the first tool that you turn to. As long as the tree branch isn’t incredibly thick, you should be able to cut it down with this tool. Thicker branches will need something like the chainsaw or pole chainsaw to make the process easier.

What kind of training do you need to be a tree trimmer?

Training to become a tree trimmer is typically offered through on-the-job training or through a landscape technician or arboriculture certificate program. A certificate program will teach you proper tree trimming methods, as well as fertilization, planting, watering and pruning skills.

How big of a branch do you cut off a tree?

When thinning, reducing and shaping branches and limbs small enough to cut with hand tools, keep in mind that your cuts are going to encourage new growth. Cut limbs ¼ inch above a bud that faces the outside of the plant. This will be the direction of the new growth.


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