how to use electroc saw

What's the best way to use an electric saw?

Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet (for saws with 100 feet of cord) or into a heavy gauge extension cord (for saws with a short cord). Put on the safety goggles, gloves and hard hat before using the saw.

Is there an online hand and power tool induction course?

This online Use hand and power tools induction course provides the knowledge required to safely use hand and power tools in the workshop and on the worksite. It meets the requirements of various organisations for induction, but does not result in the issuance of a nationally recognised unit of competency.

Do you have to be trained to operate a pole saw?

A: WHS states employers and the self- employed at work must be adequately trained in their duties. A nationally recognised statement of attainment such as FPICOT3238B Operate a Pole Saw is one of the ways to document that approved training and assessment has been carried out.

How to use a corded saw safely and correctly?

1 If you’re using a corded saw, keep all cables and leads away from the cutting path. 2 Never take your eye off where you’re cutting - that’s how you lose fingers. 3 If you cut between two points of pressure, you’re likely to squeeze the blade during the cut (called binding), possibly causing kick back. More items...


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