How to Use festool cordless jigsaw

What kind of cordless saw does Festool use?

Festool's cordless cutting tools — the TSC 55 track saw, HKC 55 carpentry saw, and three cordless jigsaws — maintain the complete accuracy that you expect from Festool while allowing you to work wherever you want.

What do the numbers mean on a Festool Jigsaw?

All Festool jigsaw codes begin with PS to indicate the type of tool. Bügelgriff means bow-handle, so this translates to bow-handle pendulum jigsaw. This means cordless pendulum jigsaw. This means cordless bow-handle pendulum jigsaw. After the initial 2-4 letter code, 3 numbers will follow to help you identify the specific model.

Which is better Festool Jigsaw bow handle or carvex?

Out of the six Festool jigsaw models, the two electric Carvex models have the lightest weight at only 1.9kg for even greater comfort and control. The two bow-handle Carvex models also have a wider variable speed range for increased flexibility in applications.

What can you do with a Festool drill?

From sanders to drills to track saws, Festool has battery-powered tools that let you work wherever you want. Festool cordless drills and drivers do more than make holes and sink screws. Our FastFix chuck system and Centrotec bits combine to bring right-angle, offset, and depth-stop capabilities to one tool.


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