How to Use firestorm table saw

What kind of support does a firestorm table saw need?

Rear Outfeed Support & Extension Wing Provide Support needed to rip large panels or extra-long stock

How to set saw blade on Firestorm fs210ls?

The saw blade is set parallel to the miter gage slot at the factory and the fence must be parallel to the miter gage slot in order to do accurate work and prevent kickback when ripping. 2. Raise the blade to its highest position and adjust the blade so it is 90 degrees to the table.

How to raise and lower a firestorm blade?

Page 12 ASSEMBLING BLADE RAISING AND LOWERING HANDWHEEL 1. Insert special screw (C) through handle (B) Fig.10 and assembly handle to handwheel (A) by threading screw clockwise into handwheel. Then push on handle cover (D). 2. Fig. 11, illustrates the handle (B) assembled to handwheel (A). 1.

How to raise and lower a black and Decker Firestorm?

1. IMPORTANT: THE BLADE GUARD AND SPLITTER ASSEMBLY MUST BE PROPERLY ALIGNED TO THE SAW BLADE IN ORDER TO PREVENT KICKBACK. 2. Position the blade 90 degrees to the table and lock in place. Refer to page 18 “Blade Raising and Lowering Control”...


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