How to Use fiskars telescopic tree pruner

How does a Fiskars tree trimming tool work?

Tree Pruners Get all the reach you need with tree trimming tools designed to cut back high, hard-to-reach branches – no ladder, no chainsaw, no tree service. Built to last, every Fiskars tree pruner is designed for easy handling, with an aggressive saw or pruner blade attached to the end for powering through thick branches, quickly and easily.

How tall does a Fiskar tree pruner need to be?

Fiskars’ new PowerGear X™ tree pruners have been developed to extend the cutting power when cutting very high – and low – the telescopic version reaches branches at up to 6 meters. Cutting at such heights requires both precision and strength.

What are the features of the Fiskars pruning Stik?

Both tools include a bypass pruner as well as a detachable 15" saw blade for cutting larger branches and telescope to reach higher branches but there are some features of the Pruning Stik that won me over. Update (7/13/2013): There are some tools you don't use often but are very important when you need them.

How to use the Fiskars power lever extendable pole saw?

Please try again later. Learn how to cut high tree branches easier and faster with the sturdy and versatile Fiskars Power-Lever® Extendable Pole Saw & Pruner. This tree trimming system features Power-Lever® technology for up to 2X more power for pruning branches up to 1-1/8 inch thick and a 15 inch Woodzig® saw for thicker branches.


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