how to use forge micro blocks saw

What do you need to know about forge microblocks?

In this tutorial we will cover the Forge Microblocks. This is a component of the Forge Multipart mod which is necessary to run the pack at all. In the past the function of Microblocks was covered by Redpower, which hasn't updated in a long long time, and Immibis Microblocks which causes crashes in this pack for some reason.

What kind of handsaw do I need to cut micro blocks?

An Iron Handsaw will work for soft materials, but for the hardest blocks you will need a Diamond Handsaw. If you have installed Redpower World, you may also use Rubies, Sapphires or Emeralds, all of which will allow you to cut many more blocks than with Iron.

What's the best way to cut a microblock?

In these two examples you can see how to cut the microblocks. By placing the block below the saw on the grid, it will cut it into a slab. You can cut the slab into a panel or panel into a cover in the same fashion.

What do you call a piece of a block in Forge?

A microblock is a piece of a block. That is, by using a Diamond saw you can cut a whole cubic meter block into pieces and place them in the world. This has tons of benefits for making very detailed work in your builds. seen above is the various basic microblocks provided in the forge version.


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