How to Use gas pole saw

What do you need to know about pole saw safety?

Lastly, an inexpensive dust mask will keep you from inhaling sawdust and is recommended if you’re working for an extended period of time. Before each time you start operating your pole saw, you should inspect it. Check the chain for excessive wear or missing teeth. Replace the chain if you see damage.

How to start a gas saw with a cold engine?

Starting the Gas Saw. 1 Step 1: Engage the Chain Brake. To start a gas chainsaw with a cold engine, place it on flat ground. Push the chain brake forward until it engages. 2 Step 2: Set the Choke and Prime the Gas Engine. 3 Step 3: Brace the Saw and Pull the Starter Handle. 4 Step 4: Start the Gas Saw.

What can you do with a GreenWorks pole saw?

A pole saw is often used for trimming and pruning tree branches, which may be done once or twice a year or after a windstorm. Pole saws can also be used to trim and prune hedges and shrubs. The chainsaw portion of the pole saw that Greenworks offers is typically 8 or 10 inches long.

Which is better gas or electric pole saw?

These pole saw types offer a lot of mobility, and can operate for long periods of time in between fuel refills, part of the reason many professionals prefer to use them for larger limb clearing and trimming around a property. Electric pole saws come in a few different types, but all of them are powered by electricity instead of gas.


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